Wherever you are…

   …Be all there. In life, and as a Realtor, I remind myself of this often, but really, what does it mean? Many of us are always juggling many things all at once, wearing many hats. If you focus on being all there, wherever you are, your are going to succeed through the underlying principles of integrity and sincerity. 

   I may be considered a newbie in the Real Estate industry, but with the values that it will take for me to be successful as a person in life, I think I’ve already got some things covered. Beginning as a broker’s assistant, I was immersed head first into learning all that I could in an epic amount of time. Now on my own, I am grateful that I can be someone who does not think of my career as “work.” I’m a matchmaker of sorts -buyers to homes, of course!

   With the bite by bite mentality, there is really so much that I can do to help people in the day to day. I love that I can be someone who is there to answer confidential questions that someone may have in regards to selling a home or looking to buy. There to listen to how my family’s day was and be able soak it all in. There to recommend the best place in town for a burger or where to have a quiet meal. There to recommend people in the community to help someone with a service or steer them in the right direction. There to offer knowledge about the real estate market and trends, as well as, to go the extra mile to research what I can’t answer right away. There to give concrete facts. There to be a trusted resource. There to listen and work with someone on the best course of action to achieve goals. There to help with homework. All there, wherever I am.

   It’s about knowledge, integrity, and sincerity. Those things aren’t new to me. In this path as a Realtor, wherever I am, I will be all there. ©

I am always grateful for your referrals. Thank you for helping me to do what I love!

All that is good,





Amy Friend, Realtor (RI, CT) with Re/Max South County

Amy Friend, Realtor (RI, CT) with Re/Max South County