Knowledge…Being More Than Knowledgeable

Knowledge of the real estate market, locally and beyond, is essential to best representing clients. In the real estate market, knowledge is gained by experience, interaction, listening, keeping up to date, and research. It is one industry that is forever changing and Realtors must be willing adapt with foresight and adjust with insight. 

Realtors who look out for their clients know that sometimes in the industry there is false “knowledge,” and staying well-informed and up to date is the best way to combat falsehoods…that sound all but true. Everything isn’t always as it appears to be, or is presented to be.

Where true knowledge can really benefit clients is when you are also able to truly understand see the full scope. Many people know information, but true knowledge and wisdom come with understanding situations, going the extra mile to learn more, seizing opportunities, and overcoming challenges. 

Finally, the most important aspect of knowledge is knowing that you will not ever know all that you need to know. In realizing that, you stay humble to know that you will need to dig deeper for better answers and additional information, because not everything is always clearcut or black and white. 

So while this is nothing that I have learned through real estate, it has everything to do with it. Insist on true knowledge and you will be forced to think. In doing so, you will also be one step ahead. ©

All that is good,



Amy Friend, Realtor (RI, CT) with Re/Max South County

Amy Friend, Realtor (RI, CT) with Re/Max South County